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CalmingPoints: Sessions

Benefits of a Session

In our quiet oasis, you will be able to relax and retreat from the outside world. We offer methods that will strengthen your body's natural ability to heal and ease pain and tension. Quiet, rejuvenation is a great start to reducing stress in everyday life.

Before your first visit, please download and print this copy of our intake form, and bring it to your appointment. Thank you.

Acupressure, Shiatsu, Amma

These techniques encompass a myriad of pressing, stroking, stretching and percussive manipulation on specific acupressure points to increase joint mobility and flexibility. Acupressure can be incorporated into all massage sessions and can be done with or without massage lotion.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

For this technique, you remain clothed, and lie face up while your massage practitioner gently holds points in tension areas. This ancient method promotes a deeply relaxed state that helps you get in touch with your body and better access feelings related to a physical condition. Click this link for a video on the use of Jin Shin Jyutsu at the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky.

Deep Tissue Massage

After first warming the muscles, the massage practitioner uses slow, deep strokes, along with other massage techniques, to release tension from deep muscle groups and help you feel taller, lighter and looser.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on system designed to balance body energy flow in the major joints, thus creating ease or space within the body and a deep sense of relaxation. Clients remain fully clothed while lying on a massage table for each session.

Massage for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Prenatal massage caters to the special needs of pregnant mothers. Specific techniques can reduce discomforts and concerns, and also enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and baby. During labor, skilled, appropriate touch shortens labor, eases pain and anxiety. In the postpartum period, specialized techniques rebalance a new mother's emotions and body, helping her take better care of herself and bond with her baby more deeply. We also offer private lessons to fathers or birth coaches in massaging birthing mothers during labor.

Seated Massage (On-Site Chair Massage)

Chair massage can be done at our location or yours, with a special massage chair. These massages focus mostly on the neck, shoulders, arms and the back while you remain fully clothed. Seated massage is an excellent way to reduce stress in the workplace, provide relaxation to a group or friends, or offer instant relaxation to those attending events or conferences.