Charlottesville Area Massage Therapy Consortium (CAMTC)

If you are a massage therapist and are interested in joining the Charlottesville Area Massage Therapy Consortium—free of charge and/or obligation—please provide contact information to Cecilia Mills at or text/voice to 814-571-9234 for more details.

This is a completely voluntary association, formed with the intent of joining together professional massage therapists in the area for the very simple goals of sharing information, networking to strengthen our referral lists, and mentoring new therapists on an informal basis.

There are no fees, no regular meetings, no drain on your time—just the opportunity to meet with your colleagues and to get to know other therapists in the area! The group is open to all certified therapists in good standing, whether insured independently, or via the AMTA or ABMP—affiliation does not matter; all are welcome!

Links to notes from previous meetings can be found below for your reference:

Mar 29, 2019 
Aug 15, 2018  Jan 29, 2018 
Sep 15 & Jun 22, 2017  May 3, 2017  Mar 23, 2017  Feb 01, 2017 
Nov 30, 2016  Sep 26, 2016  Aug 5, 2016  Jun 2 & Feb 18, 2016 
Dec 18, 2015  August 7, 2015  April 29, 2015  March 10, 2015  January 29, 2015 
November 13, 2014  July 30, 2014  May 2, 2014   February 28, 2014   January 7, 2014
October 24, 2013   September 19, 2013


Announcements of interest to CAMTC members


If you are a person seeking a massage therapist, please feel free to contact any of the therapists on the list below, being aware that not all therapists listed are actively taking new clients at the moment.

If you would like to contact the entire list with a massage opportunity, contact Cecilia Mills at

CAMTC Members

As of April 2019, the following massage therapy professionals are members of the CAMTC, listed in alphabetical order.  Therapists marked with an asterisk (*) are not accepting new clients at the moment.

Questions? Email Cecilia. Please note that spam filters can be problematic—I respond to ALL valid inquiries, so if you don't get a response, please try again, or phone me: 814-571-9234.

Last update: 10 April 2019